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Privacy Policy

Information Collected:

We do not collect any information from users of our site unless a user becomes a customer by purchasing items from our online store. In that case, we collect: Name, Address, Email Address, and Phone Number, as well as credit card information. All of this information is transmitted through a 2048-bit SSL secured connection to either Stetzer Electric’s secure web server, or to our secure 3rd-party credit card payment processing gateway. Credit card information is NOT stored on Stetzer Electric’s web server.

How we use collected information:

This information is only used to service our customers’ orders and will never be sold or given to any outside company or person.

Who can access your information:

Your personal information is accessible by the server administrator and our sales/order support team.

Security measures taken to protect your information:

To safeguard your personal information, we have secured our web server with a 2048-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, and we NEVER store your credit card information on our server. Our company email is also transmitted securely, should any of your information need to be transmitted between company personnel.


Our website may make use of cookies – small digital files that are stored in your web browser that enable us to track your return visits to our website. Your browser settings may allow you to block these cookies, but we recommend you have them enabled to help us personalise your experience of our website.