EPRI Handbook for the Assessment and Management of Magnetic Fields Caused by Distribution Lines

Author(s): Enertech Consultants
Date: December 1995
Publisher: Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The general public has become increasingly aware of possible health effects from exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF). This has led to controversy, delay, and cost increases in the construction of some utility lines and facilities. EPRI has initiated research to identify field sources, characterize field levels, and provide management options and strategies that could be used to reduce fields and exposures.

The full document is available for free public download here.

Many years ago, this report cost $25,000 to purchase. For a time, it was publicly available, free of charge, on the EPRI website. It is still listed as TR-106003 on the EPRI website, but appears to be no longer publicly accessible.