Low-Frequency Transient Electric and Magnetic Fields Coupling to Child Body

Author(s): S. Ozen (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Akdeniz University – Antalya, Turkey)
Publication: Radiation Protection Dosimetry
Volume: 128(1):62-67
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: January 2008 (First published online: May 26, 2007)

Much of the research related to residential electric and magnetic field exposure focuses on cancer risk for children. But until now only little knowledge about coupling of external transient electric and magnetic fields with the child’s body at low frequency transients existed. In this study, current densities, in the frequency range from 50 Hz up to 100 kHz, induced by external electric and magnetic fields to child and adult human body, were investigated, as in residential areas, electric and magnetic fields become denser in this frequency band. For the calculations of induced fields and current density, the ellipsoidal body models are used. Current density induced by the external magnetic field (1 µT) and external electric field (1 V/m) is estimated. The results of this study show that the transient electric and magnetic fields would induce higher current density in the child body than power frequency fields with similar field strength.

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