rFoil Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFs


rFoil Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFs is an excellent shielding material for blocking transmitted radiofrequencies from entering your home. The product comes on a 48-inch wide roll and is sold by the linear foot. For simple shielding at the back of a SMART meter, a 3- or 4-foot long piece should suffice in most cases.

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Intended Use

Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFs by rFoil is excellent for a wide variety of shielding applications. We carry rFoil to give our customers a high-quality option to combat the widespread and growing problem of SMART meter emissions, as well as radio frequency (RF) transmissions from other sources, such as cell towers and WiFi Internet.

rFoil Ultra NT is intended for indoor use only. Although it is approved as a vapor barrier it is not meant to remain exposed to the elements. Should your application require installation outside of an enclosed building, we recommend constructing an enclosure – around a SMART meter, for example – and lining the inside of the enclosure with rFoil Ultra NT.

Using rFoil Ultra NT to block SMART meter emissions from entering your home is generally a relatively simple and straightforward process – see our rFoil Ultra NT Installation Instructions for details.