It’s Rainmaking Time Interview with Dave Stetzer

In an electrical circuit, outgoing electrical current needs somewhere to return. Since 1992, U.S. electric utilities have set up the electrical infrastructure to return high-frequency energy via the earth. Unlike Europe, 70% of the electrical current sent out on utility phase wires in North America is returned to utility substations via the earth (ground). As a result, everything in physical contact with the ground is being constantly bombarded with this extra energy.

Guest Dave Stetzer, the founder of Stetzer Electric, is a measurement expert in the area of electricity. In this interview, he explains why Europe’s electrical infrastructure is superior to that of the United States, and how much high-frequency electric current we are being exposed to daily in our homes, offices, and anywhere else we are in contact with the ground. Listen in and find out what you can do about it, and how utility companies can improve the safety of our electrical grid.

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Interview courtesy of It’s Rainmaking Time.