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Why are international models of STETZERiZER products more expensive than their North American counterparts?

There are several reasons why international STETZERiZER products may be more costly than our North American line. The following items, as well as others, must be factored into international retail prices:

  • shipping – which can be more than $1 USD per filter,
  • insurance,
  • taxes – such as VAT or GST,
  • duty,
  • and import fees – which can be quite costly as well.

And these are just some of the costs associated with supplying our distributors so they have products to sell to their customers.  Many international STETZERiZER models incur additional manufacturing costs that increase retail pricing as well.

  • Injections molds (to create the filter housing) for example, can cost as much as $85,000 USD each.
  • Plug inserts for the varying electrical distribution systems add cost. This cost is increased further if a filter model is equipped with a plug-through.
  • Each product line is subject to rigorous testing by, and carries a mark of approval from, independent testing laboratories recognized in the specific region or country where the products will be used.

Lastly, retail prices for our international products should not be compared to prices for our North American products on a per product basis. For example, the retail price of a single European STETZERiZER Filter is higher than its North American counterpart. However, the European filter is approximately 1.5 times stronger than the North American filter.

It takes about 20 North American filters to effectively clean up the average North American home. The same home in Europe would only require about 15 European filters. Therefore, the net cost of cleaning up a home in Europe should not be any more expensive than in North America if it were not for all the taxes and other required fees.

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