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Can I use U.S. model filters in other countries and vice versa?

Short answer – no. STETZERiZER filters designed for use in North America (United States, Canada, the Caribbean) can only be used in countries with the same type of electrical distribution system – 110V, 50/60Hz AC. Much of the rest of the world operates on 220-240V, 50 or 60Hz power, and different countries or regions use different types of plugs. While plug adapters are widely available, it is important to know the voltage and frequency of the electrical system on which you will be using an electronic device and to check the device to be sure it is designed to operate within those voltage and frequency ranges.

The various international models of STETZERiZER filters require not only different plug types, but also different internal components than the U.S. model. The differing internal components are required in order to allow for proper, effective operation and also to obtain certifications from standards-setting organizations like CE and SII – meaning, we’ve designed each international model of STETZERiZER filter with your safety in mind. For these reasons we recommend using only those filters that are specifically designed for the electrical system in your particular country. See our list of STETZERiZER Distributors to find a dealer near you.

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