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marTech Shielding Fabric

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Intended Use

EMC Plus³ shielding fabric from marTECH Systems is excellent for a wide variety of shielding applications. We carry EMC Plus3 to give our customers a high-quality option to combat the widespread and growing problem of “Smart” meter radiation, as well as electromagnetic radiation from other sources, such as cell towers and WiFi Internet.

EMC Plus³ is intended for indoor use only – it is a metallic fabric that will rust if exposed to water and oxygen, and therefore cannot be used outdoors without being hermetically sealed.

Using EMC Plus³ shielding fabric to block Smart meter radiation from entering your home is relatively simple and straightforward – see our EMC Plus³ Installation Instructions for details. Order now by calling us at 608-989-2571 – $25/linear foot (3 foot minimum order).

EMC Plus3 for Smart Meter Shielding