The Russian Standards and the Opinion About International Harmonization of Electromagnetic Standards

Author(s): Yu. Grigoriev (Institute of Biophysics, Centre of Electromagnetic Safety, Russia, Moscow)
Presentation: Proceedings from the International Seminar on Electromagnetic Fields. Global Needs for Standards Harmonization. Ljubljana, Slovenia. pp. 1I-6I.
Date: October 9, 1998

In this connection it is necessary to underline that 40 years ago, i.e. in 1958 in Russia (USSR) the first EMF standard in the range of 300 MHz – 300 GHz was authorized at the state level. In this information I see the following important circumstance: we can trace dynamics of change of normative levels in Russia over the time of 40 years, that will reflect the degree of stability of our fundamental knowledges about biological effects of various EMF frequencies.

The first Russia standards were based on the results of clinicohygienic researches of the 50-ths, reinforced by the experimental data, having been available provided limitation of two rationed parameters – intensity and time of exposure with the determination of three limits: 10 µW/cm^2 – for 8 h; 100 µW/cm^2 – up to 2 h and 1000 µW/cm^2 – up to 20 minutes for a working day.

Without discussing the role of the confirmed standards 40 years ago for the improvement of the working conditions, that is indisputable, it is necessary to underline that these standards for expired 40 years were not subjected to essential changes. Besides for the last 25 years the accumulated material has shown the reliability of these standards and, apparently, certain validity.

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